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UGC new Update SWAYAM EXAMINATION -2019( Instructions for the Candidates)




Date of Exam : 19.01.2019 and 20.01.2019
Timing: First Session 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon,
Second Session : 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

  1. The examination hall/room shall be opened 45 minutes before the time specified for the commencement of the examination. Any candidate, late by more than 20 minutes, shall not be allowed to appear in the examination.
  2.  No candidate without an Admit Card shall be allowed to sit in the examination.
  3. A seat marked with a roll number shall be allotted to each candidate. The candidates shall be required to find out and occupy the seats allotted to them by 8.30 a.m. in 1st session and 1.30 P.M. in 2 nd session.
  4.  No candidate shall be allowed to leave the examination hall/room before 11.30 a.m. in the 1st session and before 4.30 p.m. in the second session of the examination. No candidate shall be permitted to go to the toilet during the last 20 minutes of the examination in each session.
  5.  The candidate should write his/her roll number in the space provided in the Answer Booklet. The candidate should check that the Answer Booklet and Question Paper supplied to him/her is not defective. If so, the candidate may secure another copy from the Invigilator in lieu of the first one. The Question Paper should be checked with reference to the Course Code and the Subject/Course Title offered by the candidate.
  6.  If a candidate writes his/her Mobile number or puts any special mark at any place in the Answer Booklets which may disclose, in any way, the identity of the candidate, he/she will render himself/herself liable to be disqualified.
  7.  Each candidate is required to bring his/her own ball point pen (blue/black). The use of calculators and Log Tables is not permitted. Electronic devices including Mobile Phone etc. are strictly not allowed in Examination Hall/Room under any circumstances.
  8. The schedule for ringing of the bell is as follows:-
    (i) 30 minutes before the commencement of the examination.
    (ii) At the commencement of the examination.
    (iii) Fifteen minutes before the conclusion of the examination.
    (iv) At the end of the examination.
  9.  The candidate shall have to return the Answer Booklet(s) to the Invigilator before leaving the examination hall/room. However, candidates are allowed to carry the Question Paper on conclusion of the examination.
  10. Smoking and taking tea/refreshment etc., by the candidates in the examination hall/room is strictly prohibited.
  11.  Any candidate found guilty of using unfair means of any nature in the examination hall/room shall beliable to be disqualified.
  12.  No candidate shall be permitted to change the Centre/Subject after submitting his/her online application.
  13.  Each candidate shall have to produce his/her Admit Card and Photo ID Proof on demand by the Invigilator/UGC Observer.
  14.  The candidates shall have to abide by the instructions that may be announced by the Invigilator in the examination hall/room.
  15.  For Persons with Disability (Visually Challenged candidates) forty five minutes’ compensatory time shall be provided. They will also be provided the services of a scribe who would be a graduate in a subject other than that of the candidate. Those Persons with Disability (Physically Challenged) candidates who are not in a position to write in their own hand-writing can also avail these services by making prior request (before the date of Swayam Exam) in writing to the Co-ordinator of the Swayam Exam Coordinating Institution. Compensatory time and facility of scribe would not be provided to other Persons with Disability (Physically Challenged) candidates. The facility of Scribe is applicable only for candidates with disability of 40% or more. The candidate has the discretion of opting for his/her own scribe or has to request the Co-ordinator of the Coordinating Institution for the same in writing before the date of Swayam Exam. In such instances the candidate is allowed to meet the scribe a day before the examination so as to verify whether the scribe is suitable or not. Those candidates who opt for their own scribe have to produce the scribe before the Co-ordinator along with her/his certificates of educational qualifications at least one day before the test. As per UGC instructions, the seating arrangements for persons with disability (PWD) are to be made on the ground floor, in an accessible building equipped with disabled friendly toilets as far as possible. Separate seating arrangements in an appropriate place should be made for the scribe users in order to avoid disturbance.
  16.  No TA/DA shall be paid to the candidates.
  17.  No Admission Card/Duplicate Admission Card will be issued by the respective SWAYAM Exam Coordinating Centres.
  18. The Candidates are requested to regularly remain in touch with the UGC website www.ugcnetonline.in for updates regarding the SWAYAM Examination.

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