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Tarim Basin in China(World Geography)


तारिम बेसिन :- Tarim Basin is situated in the Uighur autonomous region of Sinkiang of North Western China. it is located north of the Tibetan Plateau. Tarim connects the bank of a river that flows into a lake. This basin occupies one half of sinkiang and is encircled by the Tian Shan to the north. It have pamir mountains on the west and the Kunlun Mountains in the south. East to west it is 13683 km and north to south 564 km. This basin covered 55,7000 square km area. It lies at an elevation of 760 meter above mean sea level in the east, rising 1220 meter in the West. The central desert Takla Makan covers 271,950 square km and includes at its eastern end the Turfan depression 505 ft below sea level.

The Tarim river flows along the North Rim of the Takla Makan. According to archaeological evidence this basin was a part of Silk Road. This basin works as a barrier to Chinese expansion on west and Arab expansion eastward. Here the contemporary local population was 5.5 million people and 84% of them was Uighur Muslims.

Tarim Basin enclosed by the Tian Shan mountains to the north, Pamirs to the west and kunlun mountains to the south and also have Alton Mountains today is there the climate is extremely dry since the mountains block out moist air from the sea. In this basin average annual rainfall is less than 4 inches only. The Lop Nur and Salt Lake lies at the eastern end of this basin. Several water conservation projects have been built in this basin.

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