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Arora Australis and Aurora Borialis : An Overview


Arora Australis and Aurora Borialis : An Overview

Aurora Australis, also known as southern light and southern Dhruv Prakash, is equivalent to Aurora Borialis, also called North Polar Light. It appears in the sky in the form of a curtain, sheet and spreading glow. Mostly it appears in green, but sometimes also looks in red and other colors.

Where can we see Arora Australis ?

The best place in the world to see it in Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand’s southern island, Southern Australia in Tasmania and southern Chile and Argentina. Sometimes this light is visible even in South Africa. At the height of 100 to 300 kilometers, this light is seen in green color.

Aurora Borealis:-

Meaning & Definition of Aurora Borealis

This is also commonly called the North Pole Light, usually, it is in the form of two colors red & green as it is enough to read. It flickers over the earth near the geodetic north pole with flicker. The light is visible when the solar storm discharges high-energy particles and activates the atoms. In the diluted ionosphere, causing the light of light And the particles rotate in the sun from one region to another, which is called plasma or solar wind in the form of different phases, because continuous interaction in the solar wind and the magnetic field of the Earth continues.

The North Pole light wavy sheet can also be seen as a curtain or an arc, when the electrons emit the oxygen atoms from the Sun, then they start to shine in atomic green color and if it gets very excited then it is red in color. When their interaction occurs with nitrogen particles, the brightness of blue and purple color is generated, due to the brightness of pink in nitrogen TI and looks due to excite hydrogen them blue and green.

Each of these colors shines at a particular height, thus Aroraz actually acts as a map of the composition of the ion board.

In other words: – Aurora Borialis is such a shiny light which is produced by the confrontation between the electrically charged particles entering the Earth’s atmosphere, which is produced on both the north and south poles, it is at the North Pole it is aurora Aurora Astrolis is seen on the Borialis and the South Poles; it looks shining in the sky terrible.

In other words:-   the North Pole Lights are the result of a collision between the gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere, which come out of the Sun. The reason for the variation in the color of this light is to separate the type of particles from blue and purple red arora due to nitrogen.

Tire currents that react with the Earth’s atmosphere make lights illuminated in the form of geo-magnetic fortifications, due to which the Aurora Borialis is seen above 30 degree latitudes, in which areas Aurora Borialis appears most appear, in the Gulf of Alaska Hudson Bay Area Iceland Scattered, Scandinavia, Norway, Northern Coast, Southern Greenland Iceland, Northern Siberia etc. May include.

In these areas, in the night of September to April, the lights are dark enough to appear; Some southern parts of New England in the United States of America sometimes appear to have aurora borealis, but in the southern regions of the USA it is rarely seen. During the 1859, such a development was seen in Honolulu, the first sight of Aurora Borialis Illumination was in 349 AD East Aristotle Was done at

Influence of Magnetism: – The famous Astronomer Edmund Halley proposed in the 18th century that the Aurora Borialis light is due to magnetism. Later in 1825, a scholar named C. Hanstein also said that there is no relation between Aurora Borialis and Magnetism, in 1807, American scholar Elias Loomis displayed the geographical distribution of the North Pole light by map.

Causes of  Aurora Borialis: –

The temperature of the Sun’s surface is up to millions of degrees Celsius due to such high temperatures, there are frequent collisions and explosions between the gas molecules, electrons and protons released from the Sun’s atmosphere are taken out of the atmosphere by the Sun. The charged particles blown towards the Earth by the solar wind grow on a large scale by the Earth & # 39; s magnetic field. Magnetic field Thvi some Karan strike causes the gas to enter the Earth’s atmosphere due to weak thus causing light that we see as fast flashing lights.

Today the mystery of Aurora is not as much as it used to be before today, people today travel thousands of miles to see this spectacular sight of nature.

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